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The Financial Times reports Coronavirus Cases in China Exceed Sars as Public Anger Rises.

Officially Admitted Stats as Noted by FT

  • Admitted Infections: 9,692
  • Admitted Death Toll: 213
  • Admitted Suspected Cases: 15,238
  • Admitted Monitoring: 102,427

The FT reported that broadcaster Tang Zhihong, head of the local centre for disease control, posted a 4-minute clip on the coronavirus that was viewed 35 million times. Tang could not (or would not) answer basic questions.

“Our taxpayers’ money goes to support this group of good-for-nothings,” said a top comment on the video, garnering 100,000 likes.

Ms. Tang was relieved of her duties within hours.

WHO Finally Declares Emergency

Earlier today, the totally incompetent World Health Organization (WHO) finally saw fit to declare this an emergency now that Coronavirus Infection and Death Rates Surpass SARS.

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Click on that link for another set of excellent chart from Jim Bianco.

Q&A With Michael Pettis on the Coronavirus Impact

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Coronavirus Facts

Unfortunately, The Fact is, We Don't Know What the Facts Are

No one in their right mind believes the official stats from China, even as bad as they are.

How Big is the Lie?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock