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Most Cases in a Single Day

Hopes of containment we shattered as the WHO comments a on a new surge coronavirus cases surge: Most Cases in a Single Day.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at a news conference that the reported cases are “the most cases in a single day since the outbreak started” Dec. 31.

Infectious disease specialists and scientists say the virus may be more contagious than current data shows. Data on the virus is changing by the day, and some infectious disease specialists say it will take weeks before they can see just how contagious it is.

The respiratory illness is not yet considered a pandemic. A pandemic is “an epidemic occurring worldwide, or over a very wide area, crossing international boundaries and usually affecting a large number of people,” according to WHO.

Looks Like a Pandemic

But hey, the WHO officials say it isn't.

China Clamps Down On Coverage

Things are always worse than reported in China, especially when there is a Media Clampdown.

There is a new crackdown on the media and on the internet, and it signals an effort to control the narrative about a crisis that has become a once-in-a-generation challenge for leaders in Beijing.

Nearly 500 people in China have died from the virus, health officials said on Wednesday, and thousands more are being infected every day, fueling fears that the virus’s spread is not being adequately controlled.

And internet platforms have removed several articles that suggest shortcomings in the Chinese government’s response or are otherwise negative about the outbreak. Local officials have also cracked down on what they call online “rumors” about the virus.

Wuhan Coronavirus Hospitals Turn Away All but Most Severe Cases

The WSJ reports Wuhan Coronavirus Hospitals Turn Away All but Most Severe Cases

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Designated hospitals in the Chinese city at the center of a coronavirus outbreak started taking only severe or critical patients, as more Chinese cities imposed restrictions on movement to help contain the fast-spreading pathogen that has killed nearly 500 people.

“The medical resources in Wuhan, especially the ICU team, are not enough to deal with this severe treatment,” he said in an interview Tuesday with state broadcaster China Central Television. The death rate from the virus in the city is 4.9%, more than twice the nationwide 2.1%, according to the health commission.

Cities throughout China are putting increasingly severe restrictions on residents. Zhumadian, a city in Henan province—which borders the outbreak-stricken province of Hubei—is allowing one person per household to leave every five days to buy supplies.

At least a half-dozen Chinese cities, including the tech hub of Hangzhou, near Shanghai, have imposed similar regulations, though typically allowing shopping every other day. Wuhan, Hubei’s capital, has been under lockdown for two weeks.

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Hiding Body Bags

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Coronavirus Passed on to Unborn

Still Growing Exponentially

How Many Deaths? 25,000?

25,000 deaths is more believable than 500. You do not lock up 60 million people over 500 deaths.

A half-dozen cities allow one person per household to leave their homes every five days to buy supplies.

And the death total is 500. Yeah, right.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock