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Deaths in Italy Surpass China

Not that any stats from China are believable, but the chart shows the number of reported deaths in Italy have now surpassed the number of deaths in China.

Stats from Worldometers.

Italian Army Takes Away Coffins

The Italian army takes coffins away in Bergamo as morgues and cemeteries struggle to cope with the number of coronavirus deaths.

Exponential Rise in the West

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A reader questioned if the rise was still exponential. The chart clearly shows that it is the case.

A positive slope on a log chart indicates an exponential rise. And it is lead by the West especially Italy and the United states.

Promising Treatment Fails

The New York Times reports A Promising Treatment for Coronavirus Fails

Researchers had hoped that antiviral drugs would help patients, but a new study from China said that one antiviral drug combination didn’t work.

Antiviral drugs that had held promise as a potential treatment for the coronavirus did not work in one of the first major studies in seriously ill patients, researchers from China reported on Wednesday.

“No benefit was observed,” the researchers wrote in The New England Journal of Medicine.

The study tested Kaletra, a combination of two antiviral medicines, lopinavir and ritonavir, that are normally used to treat H.I.V.

I had hopes for that one.

Trump Opposing Payments

No, Not Me

State legislatures say, no not me. Let the Federal government handle it.

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Track Record of Failure

Lockdown in Maryland

Governor declares gathering in groups a ‘violation of state law', orders all shopping malls and entertainment venues to shut down.

Bottom In?

3-D Mask Printing

Dallas County

Still Can't Get Tested!

If someone like this cannot get tested, there is still a severe shortage of test kits.

VIPs to Head of the Line

VIPs can get tested. Can you?

Home Testing Coming?

Elon Musk Offers to Make Ventilators

Clearly that is the joke of the day.

Fed to Buy Junk?

That's what it will be even if it's not rated junk.

A Word About Xenophobia

A Word About Jackasses Telling Lies to Circumvent Lies

Only jackasses believe that Trump should tell lies to handle China telling lies.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock