California Sheriff Says No to Lockdowns

Another California Sheriff Agrees

They Resisted Enforcement in Utah Too

Two Utah businesses instructed staff to ignore quarantine guidelines, resulting in 68 cases. At one of the businesses, half of the employees got it.

Celebrate National Nursing Day with Trump and No Masks 

New York City Subway Shut Down For Cleaning - First Time in 115 Years

Arizona Tells University to Stop Modeling


Sweden Two Ways

Asia Was Prepared - US Wasn't

US Steps Up Action Against China

"The White House and Capitol Hill are now looking to match the anti-Beijing rhetoric with steps to curb supply chains and investment flows, according to public remarks by administration officials, congressional aides, and industry lobbyists in Washington. "

Good luck with that. The stock market reacts negatively every time Trump opens his mouth with direct tariff and investment threats on China. 

Trump Claims Real Numbers Are Lower

His staff agrees. Of course they do. Otherwise they would be ignored, brushed aside, and ultimately fired.


Coronavirus Global Update and Tweets of the Day

People in 5 States with 23% of the US are under stay home orders as the number of cases jumps 25% in a day.

Coronavirus Update and Tweets of the Day

Tweets of the Day: Expensive Words, Death Rate Comparison, Containment, Forward Guidance, and Trump Says

Covid Tracking Project and Tweets of the Day

Let's tune in to the latest data from the Covid Tracking Project and Tweets on the Coronavirus in general.

Coronavirus Update and Tweets of the Day

As expected, an increased number of tests in the West led to an increased number of cases in the US and elsewhere.

Coronavirus Update and Tweets of the Day

US schools shut, more Princess Cruise Ship disasters, Huge hotel cancellations, airline index plunge.

Coronavirus Update and Tweets of the Day

100,000 US cases is now in the rear view mirror. That milestone was reached on March 27. Cases up by a third since then.