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New Record Cases Across the South

Today vs Yesterday and Last Week

Hospitalizations Bottomed on June 15

A Word From South Dakota

Jim Cramer in Search of a Good Mask Design

Somehow I doubt the next mask is the answer. 

Has Anyone Tried This?

Trump says Mask Makes Him Look Like the Lone Ranger

Doubts Arise

What About Middle Seats on Airplanes?

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Fake News on Covid Parties

In Honor of Nurses

Florida Fool Wears Underwear to Protest Masks

Trump's Coronavirus Strategy in a Nutshell

Please play that video. It's a riot.

We Have Now Reached Stage 4

A Word About Common Sense

We are in a three-day holiday weekend.  

Bianco notes lots of labs and doctor's offices will be closed. So look for a dip in new cases into Monday/Tuesday.  Next Thursday/Friday will tell us the real trend.