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Covid Hospitalizations Surge Globally, Interesting Comments From Ohio Governor

Forget about cases and deaths, hospitalizations are the key metric.
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Covid Hospitalizations Surge Globally 2021-12-30

The lead chart is from Our World in Data.

As amazing as it might seem, even some Republican governors understand the issue and what's driving it.

Please consider U.S. Hit With Record Number of New Covid-19 Cases

In Ohio, Gov. Mike DeWine on Monday described how he is focused primarily on hospitalizations as opposed to how many people were testing positive for Covid-19, a key metric earlier in the pandemic. More than 5,000 people were hospitalized with Covid-19 in Ohio on Monday, the most since last winter’s surge. However, the difference now is that authorities have a handle on what and who is driving the high inpatient count, with more than 90% of the patients unvaccinated, said Mr. DeWine, a Republican.

We’re seeing the power of the vaccine to keep people out of the hospital,” he said.

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu said he expects data on new infections to become inaccurate because many people won’t report home-testing results to authorities. “The key metric is going to be your hospitalization rate,” he said. “There is no gray area there.”

Republican Governors

  • Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine: "More than 90% of the patients unvaccinated. We’re seeing the power of the vaccine to keep people out of the hospital.” 
  • New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu: “The key metric is going to be your hospitalization rate. There is no gray area there.”
  • West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice: "For god's sake's a-livin', how difficult is this to understand?" 
  • Utah Gov. Spencer Cox: "[Anti-vaccine rhetoric] "is ridiculous. It’s dangerous, it’s damaging, and it’s killing people. I mean, it’s literally killing their supporters. And that makes no sense to me.”

Utah Governor

The quotes from the Utah Governor were made back in July. 

For details, please see Republican governor says anti-vaccine rhetoric is ‘killing people’ and denounces ‘propaganda’

West Virginia Governor

In West Virginia, the most Republican state in the nation Gov. Jim Justice had this to say back in September:

"For god's sake's a-livin', how difficult is this to understand? Why in the world do we have to come up with these crazy ideas -- and they're crazy ideas -- that the vaccine's got something in it and its tracing people wherever they go. And the same very people who are saying that are carrying their cell phones around. I mean come on. Come on."

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Truncated, but the governor went on to add  "The only weapon we have to fight back with is the vaccinations."

No Gray Area

Indeed, there is no gray area. However, there is mass denial of that fact on Twitter from the anti-vaxxers. 

They will not believe any "government" stat except of course the random outliers that say what they want to hear. 

Seemingly, it's such an amazing national conspiracy on hospitalization data, that at least four Republican governors are now caught up in the conspiracy.


On the Positive Side

On the positive side of the ledger, Omicron appears to be far less serious, at least for anyone with enough common sense to get vaccinated. 

I suspect this latest surge will eventually get most or the unvaccinated, but the percentage of complications will be lower. 

If so, by March or possibly even the end of January, most adults will have Covid antibodies. 

Meanwhile, and unfortunately, the anti-vaxxers are clogging up hospitals once again so I offer this suggestion: 

If you are not vaccinated, don't go to the hospital over Covid no matter what. You made your choice, live or die with it.

The good news is you are overwhelmingly likely live. Congratulations!

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