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Green Covid Passports in Israel 

Please consider Israel’s Speedy Vaccination Campaign.

Israel lifted restrictions on most commerce and public activity, opening malls, markets and museums—and requiring the use of a pass to document vaccination status for some activities.

The opening up and use of what officials are calling green passports, which allow people to enter gyms and hotels and eventually embark on quarantine-free travel, set up a test for one of the most closely watched countries during the pandemic.

Officials are warning those who shun the national vaccination campaign that they will be shut out of everyday activities. “Anyone who does not get vaccinated will be left behind,” Israel’s health minister Yuli Edelstein said.

As thousands of people rushed to download the “green passport” documents, the website crashed Saturday night.

Get Vaccinated Or Else

The Wall Street Journal reports Declining a Covid-19 Vaccine Risks Penalties in Some Countries

  • Indonesia levied fines for refusing vaccination of around $356—or more than a month’s salary on average, according to the country’s per capita gross domestic product.
  • The European Union and Australian officials have considered travel restrictions for those without vaccination proof. 
  • Brazil’s Supreme Court ruled those who reject a Covid-19 vaccine could be banned from certain public activities and spaces. 
  • Less than half of South Koreans, or about 46%, are willing to be vaccinated right away, according to a poll by the Korea Society Opinion Institute released on Monday. South Korea has said those who skip will be booted to the back of the line.
  • The Vatican said it would explore alternative solutions for workers refusing to get Covid-19 vaccines, after getting blowback from a decree earlier this month that suggested employees could lose their jobs if they skipped inoculations.

Biden Wants Bigger Vaccination Numbers 

In the US, Biden Aims for Bigger Vaccination Numbers as U.S. Vaccine Manufacturing Ramps Up.

It sounded so ambitious at first blush: 100 million vaccination shots in 100 days. Now, one month into his presidency, Joe Biden is on a glide path to attain that goal and pitching well beyond it to the far more ambitious and daunting mission of vaccinating all eligible adults against the coronavirus by the end of the summer.

“It’s one thing to have the vaccine, and it’s very different to get it in someone’s arms,” Biden said Friday as he toured Pfizer’s manufacturing plant in Portage, Michigan. The company is set to double its pace of vaccine deliveries in the coming weeks.

The daily inoculation average climbed to 1.7 million shots per day last week, but as many as double that number of doses are soon expected to be available on average each day. The focus of Biden’s team is now quickly shifting to ensuring those doses can get used, though the administration has resisted the calls of some health experts to publicly set a “moonshot” target for how many daily doses it hopes to deliver.

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U.S. Death Toll Tops 500,000

US Deaths Top 500,000

Cumulative Deaths Per Million

Cumulative Deaths Per Million 2021-02-22

US Mandates Coming Up? 

In the sense of fines like Indonesia, probably not, at least nationally. 

However, travel restrictions are another matter. And it is likely some states will require vaccinations for kids to go to school.

Employers may also require them. 

Expect lawsuits.