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Covid Vaccination Rates vs Death Rates Daily and Last 7 Days Update

Death rates and low vaccination rates continue to go hand-in-hand.
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New Covid Deaths Per Million - 2021-08-18

The above chart was produced from a data download from Worldometers. I used data from yesterday to make sure I got a full day.

Once again, the typical suspect states lead the nation in population-adjusted Covid deaths.

Daily deaths are subject to reporting errors especially on weekends. 7-day totals are a better measure.

7-day Death Rates Per 100,000 

7-day Death Rates Per 100,000 2021-08-21

Once again we see the same general set of problematic states.

That chart is from Covid Deaths Per 100K Last 7 Days.

Louisiana leads the nation with 8.6 followed by Arkansas at 6 and Nevada at 3.9.

Bottom 20 Vaccination Rates 

Vaccination Rates Bottom 20 States 2021-08-19

Vaccination Rates Top 20 States

Vaccination Rates Top 20 States 2021-08-19

States With Vaccination Rates Under 40%

  • Alabama: 36.1%
  • Mississippi: 36.6%
  • Wyoming: 37.8%
  • Idaho: 38.3%
  • Arkansas: 39.4%
  • Louisiana: 39.4%
  • West Virginia: 39.4%
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What About Florida?

Good question. For all the discussion regarding Florida being a massive hotbed of Covid activity, it doesn't appear to be.

Recent deaths per million in Florida is only 1.96. Florida deaths per 100,000 in the last 7 days is only 1.1. 


Although Florida is not in the top tier of vaccination states, it does have a fully vaccination rate 51%. That's higher than 30 other states including Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio. 

If you want to credit someone in Florida, credit those getting vaccinated, not the governor.

Best Covid Data That Exists Anywhere

In case you missed it Dear Anti-Vaxxers Let's Discuss the Best Covid Data That Exists Anywhere

Vaccinations Save Lives

The data is consistent and irrefutable. Vaccinations save lives. 

I will get a booster shot as soon as it is available.

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