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I am not going to bother looking up any of today's winners up even though I have never heard of any of them.

Today's winning numbers are 1288, 587, 1553, 1275, 1305, 1056, and 732.

The percentage volume on all the winners was approximately 0%.

PiCoin was up 118%. Unfortunately, the total volume was $21.01. If you got in yesterday and cashed out today, congrats. Buy a pizza.

In contrast, HOdlcoin traded $6.28 million in volume today, the clear volume winner. Nonetheless its percentage volume across the entire crypto circuit was approximately 0%.

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Something Went Amiss

On the down side, something went seriously amiss with AMIS.

AMIS fell a mere 90% today and its coin price is nothing to sneeze at: $2982.04.

Such plunges are highly likely across most of the crypto space one day.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock