I am not going to bother looking up any of today's winners up even though I have never heard of any of them.

Today's winning numbers are 1288, 587, 1553, 1275, 1305, 1056, and 732.

The percentage volume on all the winners was approximately 0%.

PiCoin was up 118%. Unfortunately, the total volume was $21.01. If you got in yesterday and cashed out today, congrats. Buy a pizza.

In contrast, HOdlcoin traded $6.28 million in volume today, the clear volume winner. Nonetheless its percentage volume across the entire crypto circuit was approximately 0%.


Something Went Amiss

On the down side, something went seriously amiss with AMIS.

AMIS fell a mere 90% today and its coin price is nothing to sneeze at: $2982.04.

Such plunges are highly likely across most of the crypto space one day.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Today's Crypto Lottery Winners: TeraCoin +579%, EMV 384%, Newbium 234%

The major cryptocurrencies were down earlier today but have since bounced. Like yesterday, there are some huge winners.

Crypto Silliness: Paragon up 800% Today Despite Massive Crypto-Carnage

The major cryptocurrencies took a huge hit today, but there were some spectacular success stories as well.

BIS Blasts Cryptos in Special Report: "Beyond the Hype"

The BIS blasts cryptos over scaling issues, energy, and trust. The BIS is correct. Cryptos are fatally flawed as money.

Crypto Crash: Bitcoin Smashed Most Cryptos Even Worse

Cryptos were smashed hard today. Bitcoin fell 36% the rest of the top 10 fell more.

Mindless Crypto Action

I follow crptos frequently, but only for amusement, not investment purposes.

Crypto Bloodbath: One Day Wonder or More Coming?

Cryptocurrencies went on a deep dive today. Some blame new futures, others cite technical factors.

Warning! The Crypto Tax Man Cometh

Did you sell Bitcoin to diversify into Altcoins? If the answer is yes, please pay attention: You may be royally screwed.

Absurd Proposal As to "Why Cryptos Aren't Tulips"

Check out the ridiculous logic presented as to why cryptos cannot be in a bubble.

Two Pension Plans Take a Crypto Plunge

Two Virginia pension funds join a handful of institutions to invest in the crypto world,.