For a brief time today, the yield on the Greek 10-year bond dipped below 2.0%.

US Bond Yields vs Europe

  • US: 2.05%
  • Greece: 2.01%
  • Italy: 1.50%
  • UK: 0.68%
  • Portugal: 0.43%
  • Spain: 0.36%
  • France: -0.11%
  • Germany: -0.37%
  • Switzerland: -0.67%

Figures from Trading Economics.

Humorous Comparison

Dysfunctional Europe

Negative Yields Coming?


Cutting Time?

Let's Bet on It!

Shock and Awe?

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Global Currency Wars On

In case you missed the general idea, global currency wars (not so cleverly disguised as interest rate policy) are hugely underway.

And please note that the ECB is following Japan's model and it did not do Japan any good.

Is the US Supposed to Follow?

For discussion of the resultant bubbles, please see Fed's Asymmetric Bubble-Blowing Policy in Pictures.

Also note Shock and Awe Needed to Un-Invert the Yield Curve: Half-Point Cut Not Enough.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Germany Joins Japan, Switzerland in Negative 10-Year Yield Club

For the first time ever, German 10-year sovereign bonds dipped below zero. With that event, Germany joined Japan and Switzerland in the negative 10 club.

US at the Top of the Heap: Global 10-Year Bond Yield Comparison

In a global comparison of 10-year government bonds, three countries have negative-yields and France is on the cusp.

New Record Low Yields on 10- and 30-Year Bonds: Double Cut?

Treasury yields continued a massive plunge today with new record lows. I sense a double rate cut by the Fed on March 18.

Fed-Proof Bond Bet?

The yield curve is the flattest since 2007. Nonetheless, traders think it will get flatter. The bond bet du jour is the next Fed chair will keep hiking but not as much as the Fed thinks.

30-Year Bond Yield Just a Hair from Record Low, 2-10 Yield Spread Near Inversion

Bond yields resumed their post-FOMC crash today after a weak two-day respite. Inversions strengthened across the board.

Number of Yield Curve Inversion Points Rises as the Long-Bond Yield Dives

The US Treasury 5-year yield is now inverted with 3, 2, and even the 1-year treasury yield.

My Conversation With the 30-Year Long Bond

For the third time, the yield on the 30-year long bond dipped below 2.0%. I asked Mr. Bond some questions.

Welcome Back! 5-Year Treasury Yield Sinks Below 2%

Hello one-handle: In response to Trump's misguided Tariff tactics on Mexico, bond yields continue to crash.

Hello Treasury Bears: 10-Year Bond Yield Approaching Record Low Yield

Treasury yields are down again today, the 6th straight day of strengthening inversions. 30-year to FF inversion on deck.