We had tariffs on China, then we we had partial tariffs.

Two days ago there were tariffs on Mexican steel, then there weren't. Then one day later there were tariffs on numerous Mexican items.

What about Mexican steel? Australian steel? Who the hell knows?

There were announced tariffs on cars from the EU until there weren't. It seems that cars from the EU are a security threat until they aren't, all in space of weeks, and repeated ad nauseum.

Trump wants a deal with the UK, but it seems there are Huawei conditions on top of Brexit.

Speaking of Huawei, it appears the company is security concern on and off, depending on what China says or doesn't say about soybeans.

Seriously WTF?


Just Do It

Dear president Trump, since you are so damn convinced that trade wars are good and easy to win, please prove it to the world instead of being a wishy-washy trade wimp.

Prove us free-traders wrong. We will be happy to admit it.

Take a stance and do it. Until you do, no one can possibly believe a damn thing you say.

Finally, please stop looking and acting like the UK parliament which wants a Brexit deal but doesn't. It's not at all becoming.

Just do something, anything, because this constant flip-flopping is ridiculous.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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