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Here's a lesson regardaing premature bragging.

Not Easy to Say What's Happening

People oversimplify what's going on. There is no nice, neat package.

The recent outbreaks in Texas and Florida are different than California. 

New York and New Jersey were unlike anything else. But the virus did not go away in the summer as many, if not most thought. 

Air Conditioning Connection

Air conditioning and the need to stay inside in the South likely had something to do with that.

I took a look at A/C on June 24 in Covid-19 Hotspot Update: Why the Surge in the South?

Death Lag Times 

Death lag times vary widely state-to-state as noted in When Will the Exploding Number of Cases Lead to More Deaths?

Some suggested that it's all demographics. Rising hospitalizations suggest otherwise.

Changing Demographics and Death Lags, What We Know

University of Florida biostatistics professor Dr. Natalie Dean gives three possible explanations for the falling median age. 

She concludes its some combination of all of them but there is not enough data to understand what's happening.

For discussion, please see Changing Demographics and Death Lags, What We Know

Trump on Testing

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Here's an amusing take on testing.

Not Enough Data

Despite not having enough data, Trump wants less of it. 

Specifically, Trump wants less testing. 

Fake News of the Day

In the "Fake News of the Day" on , Trump said states are doing too much testing that that was the cause of the soaring number of cases.

The idea is patently false and has been easily refuted, but people believe what they want to hear.

Not only did Trump moan about too much testing, he cut back funding for it in five states including Texas when Houston Hospitals are at ICU capacity.

Despite waits as long as 4 hours at some Texas locations, Trump cut back testing.

Florida and Texas Reversals 

Trump ignored soaring cases in Florida and Texas but Texas governor Greg Abbott threw in the towel on repopenings and Shuts Bars at Noon as Covid Cases Surge.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also threw in the towel on reopenings. DeSantis Banned Drinking at Florida Bars

Apology, Where Is It?

The question of the day, for Sean Hannity is quite simple: 

Who Owes Whom an Apology?