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Please consider Coronavirus Deaths Were Likely Missed in Michigan

An exclusive Wall Street Journal analysis of death certificates indicates that Michigan could have undercounted hundreds of fatalities connected to Covid-19 during a period in March and April when deaths had surged above normal levels.

In Macomb County, made up of Detroit-area suburbs, Medical Examiner Daniel Spitz said 842 overall deaths were reported to his office in April this year, up about 370 from April last year.

“These increases in numbers were not because we had a lot of homicides, a lot of suicides, a lot of drug overdoses,” Dr. Spitz said. “What’s the difference between April ’19 and April ’20? Covid-19 is the obvious choice.”

Public-health experts say it is common to undercount deaths from new maladies, and that testing deficits made it particularly easy to miss deaths from people infected by the coronavirus.

Deaths in three counties in that area were up 80% in the five-week period, compared with recent averages. But about a third of certificates from that increase—more than 900 cases—don’t list Covid-19 as an underlying or related cause of death.

Michigan Covid-19 Deaths by County

Michigan Covid-19 Deaths by County

More than 13,000 people died in the state from March 15 through April 18, compared with an average of about 9,300 deaths yearly during the same five-week period over the previous six years, according to the state’s death-certificate data.

Undercounts Beyond Dispute 

Deaths caused by Covid-19 are significantly undercounted. Put a probability of that at about 99% or higher.

Yet, this post and every similar post of this nature is guaranteed to spawn inane comments on how people did not die from Covid-19 but rather with Covid-19.

Those making such claims may as well attribute every death due to failure to keep breathing.

Lockdown Overkill

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There is reasonable debate regarding whether the lockdowns went too far, but we do not know what would have happened had there not been lockdowns.

Covid-19 Deaths Through May 20

Covid-19 Cases Through May 20

Through May 20, there have been 94,936 US deaths attributed to Covid-19. 

In addition, there is a significant but unknown number of deaths that should have been attributed to Covid-19 but weren't.

What we do not know is how many more would have died had there not been lockdowns. 

Many of those those arguing against the lockdowns claim that social distancing does not work. Regard anyone making such a claim as a crackpot. 

For the rest, I wonder how many additional deaths it would have taken to convince you the lockdowns were advisable?

100,000? 200,000? 1,000,000? Everyone on the planet?