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Delivery by Horse is Faster Than Delivery by Internet in Much of Germany

There are parts of the US with bad internet connectivity, but connectivity appears to be a routine problem in Germany.
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On Horseback in Deepest Germany

A local photographer in the town of Schmallenberg-Oberkirchen set himself the ultimate challenge of trying to send a 4.5 gigabyte data file via the internet to a printer 10km [6.2 miles] away. Rather than accepting the inevitable fate, this photographer had a brilliant idea. He organised a backup, a friend on horseback who delivered a DVD with the images to the printer. The data transfer and the horse set off at the same time. The horse arrived first. 

Germany is wealthy but it has one of the worst telecommunication infrastructures in the EU, and the absolute worst mobile telecom infrastructure. There are many places with no connectivity whatsoever.

This is why, in 2021, digitalisation is still a thing in German politics. Politicians list digital alongside green investment in their order of priorities. Germany, as a country, collectively underestimated the implications of several important technologies, such as the electric car and the mobile telephone. Most households are connected to the internet through copper cables. Only 1.4m households use fibre optic cables, compared to 5m in the UK.

When German governments auctioned off telecoms licences, they maximised revenue, rather than maximising service. Half a trillion euros of underinvestment later, horses have become competitive again.

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The above amusing story is courtesy of Eurointelligence. It seems Germany needs at least parts of the US bipartisan infrastructure plan.

Can anyone tell me what decent internet service costs in Germany?