Winter Storm Warnings 

Be prepared, Denver could get one of its Biggest Snowstorms Since 1885.

Forecasters continued keeping a close eye on weather conditions that are expected to unleash a monster snowstorm across the Denver area in the coming days that could possibly become one of the biggest snowstorms in the Mile High City’s history. The looming storm threatens to be a long-duration event that could result in snowfall totals nearing 2 feet in Denver and piling as high as 3 feet in places west of Denver, such as Boulder and Fort Collins. Heavy snow will stretch north into Wyoming as well.

Snowfall will pick up in intensity across the the central and southern Rockies — and across Colorado and southeastern Wyoming in particular — on Saturday night into Sunday. Snowfall rates will reach 1-3 inches per hour, and as the storm continues, strong winds will blow as well.

Blizzard criteria — three-straight hours of sustained winds or frequent gusts of 35 mph and visibility of a quarter of a mile or less in snow or blowing snow — will be approached in the region, according to Rayno. Gusts could reach as high as 30 mph as the snowstorm first gets underway on Saturday then increase to as high as 40 mph Saturday night and up to 50 mph on Sunday.

Travel impacts from the weather are all but certain. Roadways such as "I-25 and I-80 may get shut down late Saturday into Sunday,” Rayno said.

Records to Beat

Top 5 Snowstorms

Storm Arrival Projections

Storm Arrival Projections

Please do not go out in this blizzard. You could be stranded in your car for a long time. 

Make other plans if you need to be somewhere. 

On the plus side, precipitation is badly needed in many areas, Hopefully this storm will do the trick. 


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