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Here are some slides that caught my eye. The comments beneath each chart are mine.

Product Finding

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The search begins with Amazon and increasingly ends at Amazon.

Social Media Role in Product Purchases

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Social media plays a huge role in purchases. This explains the ad revenue of Facebook.

Household Debt Highest Ever Despite Low Unemployment

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Household debt is high and rising. The Fed blew another housing bubble (everything bubble really).

Disturbing Trends in Savings and Debt-to-Income Ratio

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People save less and less. Don't let the percentage fool you. Most people don't save anything.

Relative Spending Increases: Shelter, Insurance, Healthcare

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Where's the money going? Shelter. Not only is shelter the biggest expense, it has grown at the highest percentage.

Relative Spending Increases: Food, Entertainment, Apparel

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I often get into debates with people regarding food. I claim it's a bargain. Why? There is little government interference.

Technology Disruption Curves

![]( photos/mishtalk/economics/zmfATcSa4EegwR7v_znq6Q/LBpMFVmkNkqAMtM2R_CteQ)

That fascinating chart explains what is about to happen with autonomous vehicles in the next decade.

History Says There Will Be Jobs

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History says there will be plenty of jobs. I agree, although most don't. The question though, is what will those jobs pay? On that, I am not so optimistic vs consumer debt loads.

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The US as a Business

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Trump claims he will run the US like a business. When will he start?

US Debt-to-GDP Highest Since WWII

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The US was able to grow at a fast clip following WWII because US productive capacity was not destroyed, unlike Europe and Japan. A baby boom followed. There is no savior on the horizon this time.

US Debt-to-GDP Vs. Other Countries

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A global debt crisis awaits.

US Entitlement Spending

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Clearly, the current path is not sustainable. However, the US will stay on that path as long as Congress fails to address the issue. And here's a hint: Congress will not address the issue. Boomers will die first.

Medicare and Medicaid

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Excellent Presentation

Thank you, Mary Meeker, for another excellent presentation.

Meeker is a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. She presented her annual report on internet trends Wednesday at Recode's Code Conference.

Meeker has come a long way from her 2000 era "internet queen" persona.

CNBC provides a Scribd view of the presentation. I dislike embedded Scribd files so I downloaded the report and selected a baker's dozen set of charts that I liked.

Regarding Debt

As noted above, the US path is not sustainable. However, the US will stay on this path as long as Congress fails to address the issue.

Alternatively, millennials could hijack both houses of Congress and the executive branch as well. But would they renege or promises or make additional free money promises like universal income?

Trump said he would run the US like a business. But businesses don't lose money for 45 years and stay in business.

I believe Italy is a prelude to future US events. Populists will eventually take over.

For a discussion of what the eventual debt outcome may look like, please see Grave Consequences: Italy Bond Yields Soar, Protests Called, Euro Referendum.

Also see Italy: "Whatever It Takes" Stage Two, President Mattarella’s Strategic Blunder

Meanwhile, technology marches on.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock