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Dogecoin Approaching Support: Feelin' Lucky?

Bitcoin and Dogecoin are near technical support levels. Ready to buy?
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Dogecoin 3-Month Chart 2021-05-21

There is technical support for Dogecoin here. 

Feelin' lucky?

If not, you can hold out for $0.21, $0.13, or $0.06.

Or you can sit on the sidelines watching in amusement (like me) as everyone wonders what Elon Musk will do for an encore. 

 I don't know, nor does anyone else, but it's likely to be amusing.

Bitcoin 2014 to Present 

Bitcoin 2014 to Present 2021-05-21

Bitcoin technical support from January 24 is at $31,668. Check out today's range and current price.

Bitcoin Bounce Off Support

Bitcoin Bounce Off Support
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Technical levels work because people watch them and put in bids near those price levels. 

The previous "breakout" level was around $19,000. Some people will want to get in there because they are upset they missed a buying opportunity.

On the other hand, some people who bought at that level and held, will be ready to throw in the towel and call it quits at that level.

So if a bounce at $19,000 does not hold, expect a quick plunge back to about $11,000.

Fundamentally Speaking 

Pair of Quizzes 

Feelin' Lucky?

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