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Dogecoin Blasted Another 38% to $0.16. When Does Musk Try a Tweet Rescue?

Dogecoin was clobbered again today. It's now down 73% from the SNL sugar high. Time for a Musk rescue Tweet?
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Dogecoin price in dollars 2021-06-21


Where is Elon Musk, Dogefather?

May 11, Should Tesla Accept Dogecoin?

That ridiculous Tweet received 3,911,516 votes with 78.2% affirmative. It came after the SNL pop ended. Doge went from $0.444 to $0.549 on the Tweet.

May 20, How Much is That Doge in the Window?

April 24 - What Does the Future HODL?

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April 9, Musk Compares Bacteria to Dogecoin

April 1, SpaceX is going to put a literal Dogecoin on the literal moon

Missing in Action

Musk is now missing in action.

I bet he comes out of hiding soon. But I also bet it will not matter. Dogecoin is inherently worthless.


Chart updated to show a decline to 16.5 cents, down 38% from 24 hours ago.