The Census Bureau reports New Orders for Manufactured Durable Goods in November increased $3.1 billion or 1.3 percent to $241.4 billion.

New Orders

  • Durable Goods: +1.3%
  • Excluding Transportation: -0.1%
  • Excluding Defense: +1.0%
  • Transportation: +4.2%
  • Core Capital Goods: -0.1%
  • October Revised from -1.2% to -0.4%


  • Durable Goods: +1.0%
  • Excluding Transportation: +0.2%
  • Transportation: +2.6%
  • Core Capital Goods: +0.3%


Durable Goods Highlights

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  1. This was not a bad report but it failed to meet the Econoday expectation of a 2.0% bounce.
  2. Factoring in revisions, the consensus was nearly spot on.
  3. Autos still show a hurricane impact and they are a sizable portion of durable goods.
  4. Aircraft skewed the the report making November look better than it really was and October worse than it really was.

One can make a bullish or bearish case out of this report but once the hurricane impacts on autos and machinery is over, it may be difficult to sustain good numbers.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Durable Goods Order Jump 4.5%, Almost Entirely on Aircraft

Durable goods orders jumped 4.5% in August. Excluding transportation, durable goods orders increased 0.1%.

Durable Goods Orders Plunge 1.2% Largely on Aircraft Orders

Durable Goods orders fell 1.2% led by aircraft down 18.6%. Autos orders rose 1.7% in a lingering hurricane effect.

Durable Goods Orders Decline 6.8% Led by Aircraft

Huge surges and declines in aircraft orders have made for extremely volatile durable goods orders lately.

Durable Goods Orders Drop 4.4% in October, Huge Negative Adjustment in September

Durable goods new orders fell 4.4% in October. The Census Department revised September from +0.8% to -0.1%.

Durable Goods Orders Surge on Aircraft: Core Capital Goods and Autos Decline: Overall Weak Report

The headline durable goods orders for February beat the Econoday consensus and January was revised higher as well.

Durable Goods Orders Jump on Defense Spending

Durable goods orders jumped 0.6% in October thanks to a surge in defense spending.

131% Surge in Civilian Aircraft Orders Propels Durable Goods Report: Diving Into the Details

Durable goods orders rose a whopping 6.5% in June led by civilian aircraft orders.

Aircraft Orders: The Only Durable Goods Item Humming

Durable goods orders for March rose 0.7% vs an Econoday consensus of 1.1%. Revisions lifted February gains from1.7% to 2.3%. Once again the good news stops there.

Durable Goods Orders Decline By 1.6%, January Revised Lower

Durable goods orders declined 1.6% in February. January was revised from +0.4% to +0.1%.