The Econo Lodge at 1233 Central Ave North in Kent will be the state’s first permanent quarantine area for COVID-19.

King County Executive Dow Constantine announced the purchase of the 84 unit motel on Central Avenue for $4 million but KOMO News learned the county has not closed on the property, a necessary move to take ownership.

The motel is still being run as a motel and is accepting guests. The County plans to start putting patients into rooms within 9-10 days.

Speaking with two receptionists, a housekeeper and a guest, all were unaware of the new future of the motel. The news came as a big surprise to Kent’s Mayor Dana Ralph.

Expect more. 84 units cannot possibly be enough.

Mike Pence to the Rescue

United Airline to Cut Flights

CDC Finally Allows Testing

Questions Remain

First Death in California

US Tests

Treat that comma as a decimal point.


Bad Move Here - Stay Away


1,000 New Yorkers Asked to Self Quarantine

As I said the other day, Expect More Cuts

Yet Another Princess Cruise Fiasco

Major lawsuits coming up.

King County Advises Stay Home

The King County Public Health News and Blog

People at higher risk of severe illness should stay home and away from large groups of people as much as possible, including public places with lots of people and large gatherings where there will be close contact with others.

That's a recommendation, not a requirement.

Public Health is not recommending closing schools at this time.

That's guaranteed to change. Too late of course.


My Boeing contact says "It's getting tough in SEATTLE. Big impact if all those over 60 stay home. A good chunk of Boeing is >60."

That came in about 2 minutes after my post.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

China Quarantines a City of 11 Million Over Deadly New Virus

Wuhan will halt all outbound flights and trains in an effort to stem the spread of a new pneumonia-like virus.

Biden Now Leads Sanders in Washington State

As ballots trickle in Biden has taken a lead in Washington State.

Crypto Mining Stresses Electrical Grid in One Washington State County

Mining digital currencies requires so much electrical power that it has stressed the capacity of one Washington county

$9.5 Billion in Iran Boeing Deals Now Dead, Airbus Worse Off

Boeing and Airbus are among the first casualties in Trump's cancellation of the nuclear deal with Iran.

Italy Quarantines Over 25% of the Population, Trump Not Concerned

The Italian lockdown escalates. Over a quarter of Italy is quarantined. Trump is unconcerned.

CDC Quarantines 195 US Citizens, Prepares for Pandemic

The CDC Issued a 14-day quarantine on US citizens it rescued from China.

Coronavirus Quarantines: How Long Should They Be?

China wants 700 million people to start returning to work. But questions abound.

Texas Orders Travelers From Louisiana to Self-Quarantine

Add Texas to the list of states enforcing an embargo on neighboring states.

Cat Catches Coronavirus, Quarantined for Two Weeks

This is not an April Fools Joke. A Belgium cat displayed coronavirus symptoms and tested positive.