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Reader Jennifer Writes

Hi Mish!

Greetings from Scottsdale Arizona where it is snowing!

I happened upon your article on climate change and though I'm not educated enough on that matter I took note of Scott Adams. I tried years ago to find a mailing address as I was going to send the attached pic to him- here's the backstory:

I had my dear friend make this egg carton sculpture 15 years ago. He was a local Artisan that displayed his egg carton sculptures throughout California and Arizona until he lost his eyesight. I asked him to make a Dilbert. He could only make one because of copyright laws. It was to be a gift for a dear friend of mine. It would have been his 42nd birthday as he had a software company and Dilbert was his favorite character. Sadly, 3 weeks before his birthday he was killed by a drunk driver.

I always wanted to write a note and send Dilbert to Scott. I have no idea how to reach him. In any case, thought I'd show you and let you enjoy "him". I must admit I was a bit sad there's not a hockey stick attached!

Have a great weekend!



Thanks Jennifer.

Her Email is in response to Dilbert Creator Scott Adams on Climate: "Hockey Stick is a Symbol of Lying"

I Tweeted to Scott Adams but did not get a reply.

I condensed the message down to meet the Tweet character limit while preserving the message as best I could. it appears I have some of the Tweet timeline wrong after re-reading her email now.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock