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Hospitals Over Capacity and Mobile Morgues Fill Up

Texas state is fighting the move but County Judge Ricardo Samaniego says he’s now planning on Extending El Paso’s Shutdown Order unless the county’s hospitals can recover in the next several days.

“The potential is really what causes me to insist on that Stay at Home order,” Judge Samaniego said.  

Last weekend, El Paso County set up its third and fourth mobile morgue units as COVID-19 patients were dying faster than the county could investigate them, leading to a backlog of 85 bodies.

Samaniego said El Paso County would soon have ten mobile morgues set up to handle the spike in COVID-19 deaths, which the judge said was showing no sign of slowing down.

“It doesn’t look good,” Judge Samaniego said. “It may be as much as 20 per day the next two to three weeks. There might be more and more an incline of deaths.”

10 days ago, the county judge issued a two-week shutdown and Stay at Home order for El Paso aimed at easing the burden on area hospitals, which were over 100% capacity.

The state of Texas is fighting the shutdown order in the Eight Circuit Court of Appeals, but until the court rules otherwise, the county judge’s shutdown will be allowed to continue.

Didn't Trump promise this story would go away after the election?

Guess what.

In case you need a refresher, please consider Covid Timeline: What Did Trump Say and When?

This election was Trump's to win. All he needed to do was make a genuine attempt at appealing to anyone but his base. 

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But that is like asking asking a fish to read a book. 

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