by Mish

He says his battery solution can scale up.

Heck, if scalability is no issue, let’s power the world.


Not so fast: What’s the cost?

Will Musk’s $250,000 donation foot the bill for 3.5 million homes without power?

More specifically, how many homes will $250,000 power? In what timeframe?

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

Elon Musk Lays Another Egg

Elong Musk proposes putting hidden easter eggs on the Tesla video screen, turning it into a game console.

Another Elon Musk Desperate Ploy: Sell Car Insurance to Tesla Owners

Elon Musk floated another idea yesterday in a desperate attempt to convince shareholders Tesla has a future.

Elon Musk, SEC Reach Agreement: Musk is Further Muzzled on Tweets

The SEC asked the court to find Musk in contempt over their previous agreement. Instead, Musk is further muzzled.

Puerto Rico Bonds Collapse to 36 Cents on Dollar following Trump Comments

Puerto Rico general obligation bonds fell to 36 cents on the dollar after Trump told Fox News on Tuesday night that Puerto Rico’s debt will have to be wiped out.

Elon Musk One Toke Over the Line, Again

The Credit Strategist notes that Musk crossed the line once again violating SEC rules.

SEC Charges Musk with Fraud, Seeks to Bar Musk from Being CEO of Public Company

Tesla founder Elon Musk has been charged by the SEC with securities fraud. The SEC seeks to bar him from being CEO.

Dear Elon Musk: Regarding “Production Hell”, 260 Cars in 3rd Quarter Isn’t a Bottleneck.`

Tesla managed to produce a grand total of 260 model 3 sedans in the third quarter.

Puerto Rico Dam Failing: 70,000 Threatened Some Stranded

Hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico has no power and no gas. It also has crumbling infrastructure and near-worthless utility bonds following bankruptcy.

Musk Under DoJ Fraud Investigation

Elon Musk and Tesla are under fraud investigation by the Department of Justice for misleading statements.