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Cases in South Korea have doubled every day for four straight days. And in Italy, 10 cities face a quarantine.

Here are some details from Worldometers.


  • With 79 total cases and 2 deaths, Italy now has - by far - the highest number of cases and deaths in Europe, accounting for over 60% of all European cases, and becoming the country with most cases among all western (non Asian) nations. There are now a total of - 55 cases in Lombardy region (including 1 death, 1 critical, and at least 14 serious cases), of which at least 35 in the Codogno area. There are 18 in Veneto region (including 1 death and at least 1 critical case).
  • EMERGENCY MEASURES: Towns and areas affected by the outbreak have been placed in lockdown: nobody is allowed to enter or leave the area (other than for special circumstances to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis).
  • Hundreds waiting for test results. 10 towns, 50,000 people, placed in precautionary voluntary quarantine. Schools (full list), workplaces, municipal and private offices, 3 train stations, coffee shops, and public places closed in the affected towns. All universities in Lombardy and Veneto regions, all schools in Trentino region will be closed starting Monday. Friuli Venezia Giulia region declared a state of emergency.
  • "People must be distantiated right now, because this is a virus that is transmitted very effectively at close range" said the director of the infectious diseases department of the Higher Institute of Health, Gianni Rezza.
  • The 38-year-old man in Codogno (Lodi), near Milan (patient #1) is in critical condition (mechanically ventilated in intensive care, according to his parents) and at least 14 contacts are in serious condition, according to doctors, and include: - 5 health workers and doctors. - 3 patients at the Codogno hospital. - 3 elderly (in the 70s and 80s) clients of a bar run by the father of the man's friend.
  • 1 new death in Italy, a 75-year-old woman who was hospitalized a few days ago for pneumonia in the Lodi area (Lombardy region) and had contacts with the 38-year-old man.

South Korea

142 new cases in South Korea, of which 92 linked to the Cheongdo Daenam Hospital, 38 to the Sincheon Daegu Church, and 12 unknown pending investigation.

South Korea Progression

  1. Feb. 18: 31 cases
  2. Feb. 19: 58 cases
  3. Feb. 20: 111 cases
  4. Feb. 21: 209 cases
  5. Feb. 22: 433 cases

CDC Warns of "Tremendous Threat"

US CDC: this virus represents a "Tremendous Public Health Threat. Likely that Community Spread may eventually happen in the United States"

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And guess what happens when you build "hospitals" that look like stadiums to hold all the "mild" cases with everyone next to each other in beds.

What a disaster.

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