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In response, Erdogan Accused Germany of Nazi Practices.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan likened Germany’s cancellation of public appearances by two of his ministers to Nazi practices, aggravating frictions that had already flared over Turkey’s human rights record.
Germany’s decision has “nothing to do with democracy,” Erdogan said at an event in Istanbul on Sunday, state news agency Anadolu reported. “Recent practices are no different from the Nazi ones of the past.” The German government press office didn’t immediately respond to calls seeking comment, but Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union deputy parliamentary leader Michael Fuchs called Erdogan’s Nazi references “outrageous.”
Ties between Turkey and Germany, as well as the rest of the European Union, have been strained over Erdogan’s sweeping crackdown on opponents following the failed attempt to topple him in July. Ankara has jailed a German-Turkish reporter whom Erdogan described as a spy, and is pressing Germany to extradite fugitive Turkish military officers involved in the coup attempt.
New tensions emerged on Thursday after the municipality of Gaggenau in southwest Germany revoked its permission for Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag to campaign for a planned referendum to expand Erdogan’s powers, citing concerns of overcrowding. Bozdag canceled his trip and a scheduled meeting with his German counterpart.
Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci’s planned address on Sunday to a Turkish community in the western city of Cologne was also canceled by local authorities citing security concerns. Zeybekci traveled to Germany to attend another event.
Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern called for an end to Turkey’s EU membership bid in a Bild am Sonntag interview published on Sunday. Kern said Turkey has distanced itself from democratic standards and the principles of rule of law, and called on the EU to rethink billions of euros in aid intended to promote Turkey’s membership campaign.
The European Union is a critical trade partner for Turkey, taking 47 percent of its total exports in January. Germany was the No. 1 export destination for Turkish goods, accounting for 10 percent of exports, according to Turkey’s official statistics agency.

When Will Migration Agreement Blow Up?

It’s a given, at least in my book, that Turkey has no future in the EU. But Merkel cannot come out and say that until after the German election on September 24.

Her fear is Turkey will unleash a new way of migrants. Were that to happen, Merkel’s deteriorating chances of winning the election would sink further.

Were that to happen, Merkel’s deteriorating chances of winning the election would sink further.

She brought this crisis upon herself with an idiotic open arms welcome of refugees. And she still has not stated that her welcome was wrong. The only hint of error admission was a statement by Merkel that she would have better prepared for the mass migration if she could go back in time.

So when does this agreement with the devil become unglued?

I suspect Erdogan may unleash another wave of migrants this summer unless Germany gives into his demands. Summer is the perfect time to disrupt the German election.

Meanwhile, Erdogan is growing increasingly agitated.

My July 16, 2016 question is still unanswered: Dear chancellor Merkel: When does Turkey join the EU? When do 80 million Turks have visa-free travel?

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

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