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Excellent Audio Discussion on How Much Biden Overreached on his Vaccine Mandate

"Twice now, Biden has flaunted the court."

Megyn Kelly Show 

Starting at about the 12 minute mark of this legal discussion Biden's Vaccine Mandate Shannen Coffin, former counsel to VP Dick Cheney, and Alan Dershowitz, professor emeritus at Harvard Law School, discuss the legality of Biden's new workplace vaccine mandate.

Partial Transcript

Coffin: Biden is being advised by some people, look, do it. If it's unconstitutional the courts will strike it, at least in the meantime we will have gotten the results that we wanted.

The Constitution: Presidents make an oath to support it. Legislatures do, members of the executive do, you can't just willy-nilly violate the constitution and then just say leave it to the courts.  

Hard cases make bad law, and in this case it's bad law.

There's a discussion of what states can do, OSHA can do, Congress can do, and the President can do. 


Megyn Kelley: Twice now, at least Biden's flaunted it.

That's how I saw things in Biden to Force Employers of 100+ Employees to Require Vaccinations or Weekly Tests

Is This Executive Order Constitutional?

I highly doubt it, but it is a decision corporations can make on their own. Biden's eviction mandate was unconstitutional as well and already went down in flames.

But neither party cares about such things these days. Look no further than the Clearly Unconstitutional Texas Anti-Abortion Bill.

Expect the Texas hypocrites to scream the loudest. But don't forget the Democrat hypocrites who got upset with overturned Trumpian mandates.

Of course, two wrongs do not make a right nor do infinite wrongs make infinite rights.

So here we are.

The bottom line is hypocrites on both side do not give a damn about the Constitution, rule of order, or precedent. 


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