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American Airlines Chief Executive Doug Parker said on Friday that even if other countries delay the ungrounding of the MAX, once the FAA approves it, American will start flying its 24 aircraft.

24 aircraft don't seem like a lot but the results speak for themselves: American Airlines cuts profit forecast as 737 MAX woes bite.

American Airlines slashed its profit forecast Friday largely due to the crisis around the Boeing 737 MAX, a somewhat more profound hit to operations and customer bookings than at other carriers affected by the jet's grounding.

The US carrier estimated an overall hit of $350 million to its 2019 earnings as a result of the grounding ordered by global regulators in mid-March following two deadly crashes. That has forced the cancellation of nearly 15,000 flights and the re-accommodation of almost 700,000 customers.

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Damn the pilots' concerns. Get those aircraft flying. Profits are at stake.

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Mike "Mish" Shedlock