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China Imports and Exports Year-Over-Year

The above from ZeroHedge China Trade Data Beats As Crude Demand Surges (Ahead Of Maintenance)

Crude Monthly Year-Over-Year Price Rise Percent

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Crude Monthly Year-Over-Year Dollar Increase

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US Trade in Goods and Services


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US Trade in Goods and Services Moving Average

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US Trade Deficit by Country Through April

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US Trade with China 2017 vs 2016

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The idea that global trade is improving is largely a commodity-induced fantasy related primarily to the price of oil.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

China Exports, Imports Soar: Global Trade Outlook Improving?

Chinese exports accelerated in May. The New York Times notes China May Exports, Imports Beat Forecasts.

Import and Export Prices Surge on Rising Energy Prices

As with yesterday's Producer Price Report, a surge in import and export prices is energy related.

Import Prices Surge vs Export Prices: Bad News for GDP Forecasts

Both import and export prices rose in April but the primary surge is in import prices.

Expect Yelling From China, Mexico, Europe, Importers

An Import Levy is on its way according to US tax policy chief Kevin Brady.

Inflationista Report: Import Prices Surge 1.0%, Export Prices 0.8%

Import and export prices surged again and it's not all energy related. The net GDP effect is negative.

Visualizing U.S. Exports & Imports

This is a guest post by Yuka Kato at HowMuch. The post covers imports, exports and trade imbalances between the US and the rest of the world.

Import Prices Dip as Expected, Export Prices Unexpectedly Dip: GDP and Forex Analysis

The BLS’ Import and Export Price Report for June shows Import and Exports prices both declined 0.2% from May. Econoday economists called import prices correctly but expected export prices would be flat.

Iran Replaces China as Top Importer of US Soybeans

Thanks to Trump's tariffs, China all but stopped importing US soybeans. Iran picked up much of the volume, cheaply too!

Expect Another Decline in Import and Export Prices: What, Me Worry?

Another decline in import and export prices will likely have the Fed pulling its hair out. A pair of charts will explain why.