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Google Beats

Both companies reported tonight.


CNBC reports Google parent Alphabet sees earnings, revenue beat and announces $7 billion buyback.

Amazon Missed

Amazon is down 5% (down $42 from $818 to $775) in after hours trading on a substantial earnings miss: Amazon Reports 52 Cents per Share, vs. Expected EPS of 78 Cents.

Yahoo Finance reported trailing 12-months Amazon’s P/E at 654. That is before today’s report. Lovely.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

Silly Idea: "Google, Amazon, Microsoft are Threats to Democracy"

The calls to break up Google, Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, etc, are rising. Let's investigate the claims.

Ministry of Truth Goes After Facebook, Twitter, Google

Facebook, Twitter and Google meet with Congress on Tuesday about Russia’s use of fake accounts and paid advertising to meddle in the 2016 election.

Stock Market Erases All Gains of 2019

The S&P 500 rose almost 29% in 2019. Today those gains were erased this morning but now stocks are off the lows.

Amazon Plans Robotic Supermarket Staffed by 3; Chinese Factory Eliminate 90% of Humans, Defects Drop

Trump blames Mexico, China, and even Germany for taking US jobs and for US trade imbalances.

Amazon By the Numbers: Cyber Weekend Spending, Prime Accounts, Online Share, P/E

Amazon sports some pretty startling numbers. Let’s dive into various reports for a close look.

Stock Market 10% Plunge is the Worst Since 1987

The Dow fell 10%, the S&P 500 futures fell 10.6%, and the Nasdaq futures fell 10.5% in a stunning rout.

Consumer Confidence Strongest Since December 2000: A Strong Contrarian Indicator?

Consumer Sentiment and Consumer Confidence are similar measures by two different organizations. The former is from the University of Michigan, the latter is by the Conference Board.

Any Edge is Unfair! EU Witch Hunt Group Fines Google Record €2.4 Billion

The European Commission, a group that proves the UK is better off outside the EU, fined Google $2.7BN for EU Antitrust Violations Over Shopping Searches.

Ho Ho Ho It's magic: Deutsche Bank, Market Cap $14B to Spin Off $50B in assets

Deutsche Bank, with a market cap of under $14 billion looks to spin off $50+ billion in allegedly productive assets.