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The BBC reports KFC to Trial Plant-Based Nuggets and Wings in US.

It has teamed up with vegan food maker Beyond Meat to offer meatless nuggets and wings for the limited US trial run.

KFC is one of many fast-food chains experimenting with plant-based food. Burger King announced a plant-based Whopper earlier this year, while Subway has also said it will test plant-based meatballs.

Shares in vegan firm soar 163% on first day.

The vegetarian 'meat' aimed at replacing the real thing

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According to its press release, KFC's Beyond Fried Chicken will be offered at one restaurant in Atlanta on 27 August and will still be "finger lickin' good", as its slogan promises.

Finger Lookin' Good?

This beyond meat craze is due to implode the moment every place offers it.

Meanwhile please note that people lick their fingers primarily because they are greasy.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock