Fed Restarts Commercial Paper Facility

Bloomberg reports Fed Restarts Commercial Paper Facility to Ease Market Strain

The central bank is using emergency authorities to establish the Commercial Paper Funding Facility with the approval of the Treasury secretary, according to a Fed statement on Tuesday. The Treasury will provide $10 billion of credit protection from its Exchange Stabilization Fund.

The move follows mounting pressure to act after the Fed’s Sunday evening emergency interest-rate cut to nearly zero and other measures failed to stem market strains as investors reacted to the risk that the virus will tip the U.S. and global economy into a potentially damaging recession.

“By providing short-term credit, the CPFF will help American businesses manage their finances through this challenging period,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a separate statement.

The Fed said it will provide financing to a special-purpose vehicle that will purchase A1/P1 rated commercial paper from eligible companies, and purchases will last for one year unless the Fed extends the program.

Fed Announces Yet Another $500 Billion Repo


In other news, the Fed announced another $500 billion in repos. That puts announced repos at the $2.5 trillion level.

Bond Market Remains Broken

Despite these emergency measures, the Treasury market remains broken.

The 10-year treasury yield rose again by 11 basis points to 0.838%.

The 30-year long bond yield rose 9 basis points to 1.417%.

And the 5-year treasury yield rose to 6 basis points to 0.556%.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Fed to Increase Emergency Repos to $120 Billion, But Hey, It's Not Monetary

The Fed announced today it would increase "Overnight" repos to $120 billion.

Tip of the Iceberg: Emergency Repos Stretch to 2020 Q2

Emergency Fed actions for the end of 3nd Quarter 2019 now stretch to the second quarter of 2020.

FOMC: Fed Does Nothing, Says Nothing

Ho Hum. The Fed did not hike as roughly 94% expected. Interpretations of the statement are all over the map.

In Emergency Meeting, Fed Fires All Its Bullets in a Single Shot

Over coronavirus concerns, the Fed just slashed interest rates to 0.00% to 0.25% in an emergency Fed meeting.

Fed Cites "Strong Economic Activity", Then Does Nothing

As expected, the Fed did nothing at today's FOMC meeting. A hike is on the way in December.

Another Half-Point Fed Cut Priced In

The market expects another half-point cut on March 18 and so do I.

$250 Billion Repo Wish Granted

Former Fed officials said the Fed should do $250 billion in repos to alleviate the funding crisis.

Fed-Proof Bond Bet?

The yield curve is the flattest since 2007. Nonetheless, traders think it will get flatter. The bond bet du jour is the next Fed chair will keep hiking but not as much as the Fed thinks.

Yet Another Fed Study Concludes Phillips Curve is Nonsense

Proponents of the Phillips Curve keep looking for ways in which it works. Yet, another study concludes it doesn't.