We are Not Even Thinking About Thinking

At Least Until 2023

Dot Plot of Expected Rate Hikes June 2020 No Thinking UNtil 2023

Crazy thoughts surface about 2023. So apparently they are thinking, but 2023 does not count. 

That's good, because interest rates will be nowhere near 3% in 2023. 

How Press Conferences End

Asset Bubble Business Doing Fine


Clock is Ticking


Got Gold?

What is the Stock Market Pricing In?

Question Repeated

Got Gold?


Gold's vs the US Dollar: Correlation Is Not What Most Think

Gold is not as correlated to the US dollar as most think.

Economists Think Inflation Will Rise Sharply in 2018: They're Wrong

Let's investigate six reasons economists think inflation is about to pick in 2018, and why I think they are dreaming.

Fed Minutes Reveal Fed's Thinking 3 Weeks Ago: Value Zero

Today we found out what the Fed thought nearly a month ago. What's that worth?

Fed Brainwashing on Net Wealth in One Picture

The Fed released its "Z1" report today on Household Net Worth and Domestic Nonfinancial Debt. Let's dive in on wealth.

Think Imports and Trade Deficits Impact GDP? Think Again!

Contrary to widespread belief, imports do not subtract from GDP despite the fact that imports are part of the equation.