To fight poverty, Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro took over the oil industry and gave cheap gasoline to the people.

Gasoline is priced well under the cost of production. The black market siphoned off most of the supply which soon collapsed.

Venezuela has the cheapest gasoline price in the entire world, but try getting any.

This Tweet accurately states what happened except it has the price of gasoline wrong.

Barter, Venezuela's Real Currency

Annual Inflation: 42,489%


Extreme Giveaway Madness

Annie Lowrey, the author of a new book on universal basic income says Trump should "shower people with money".

She has a "radical" proposal for an allegedly "sane" economy.

Her "insane" idea is to tax corporations enough to give everyone $1,000 per month.

I did the math on that. Lowrey wants to give away close to $4 trillion per year.

Venezuela shows how extreme social redistribution schemes inevitably end up.

For discussion, please see More Give Everybody "Free Money" Idiocy.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Spotlight Turkey: Hyperinflation and Mass-Migration Crisis Inevitable

Turkey isn't close to hyperinflation yet. But the path it's on is a guaranteed way to get there.

Hyperinflation Silliness (Times Two)

The hyperinflation proponents are back at it. This time in two parts, led by Jeff Nielson. The most absurd part of Nielson’s claim is his statement “Hyperinflation has already occurred“. His claim is in reference to the US, not Zimbabwe.

Can the Fed Can Fight Wealth Inequality?

Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari hired an Obama economic advisor to help the Fed fight income inequality.

Venezuela Knocks Three Zeros Off Its Currency to Halt Hyperinflation

Redenomination is Venezuela's sorry story of the day. It won't work.

Hyperinflation Avoidance Advice for Turkish Citizens as Fitch Cuts Ratings

Turkey is on a path towards hyperinflation. Here are the steps Turkish citizens should make ASAP.

New York Mayor Says "Wealth in Wrong Hands", So, We'll Take It

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio used his sixth State of the City speech to propose wealth confiscation.

Hyperinflation Returns to Zimbabwe, 70% Interest Rate and 230% Inflation

Zimbabwe raised its benchmark interest rate to 70% in an attempt to curtail a second round of hyperinflation.

Wealth Effect Propels Existing Home Sales: Up Most in 11 Years

Existing-home sales surged for the third straight month in November and reached their strongest pace in almost 11 years.

Net Wealth Distribution: The Bottom 50% Have 1% of the Wealth

Those in the bottom half have nothing. The top 10% have 70% of the wealth.