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An article in the Detroit Metro Times article mentions 27 candidates in support of "Medicare for All," a $15-per-hour minimum wage, free college tuition, universal pre-kindergarten, publicly-funded campaigns, and mandated paid sick leave.

Candidate Laurie Pohutsky says she is inspired.

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I am inspired too, enough to write this.

Dear Bernie Sanders Wannabees,

Please pay attention.

There is no such things as a "free lunch, free education, or free health-care". The cost comes from somewhere.

It is precisely because of Fed policies and affordable housing programs that housing isn't affordable.

It is precisely because of insane public union contracts, student loan programs, and other government interference in the free market that the cost of education is high.

There's a guaranteed way to make education costs even higher, and that is to make education "free".

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Here's a Bernie Sanders 2011 flashback.

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The latest spreading idiocy, is universal basic income. ​

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Dear wannabees, in case you did not yet get the message, there is no such thing as free money either.

There is a right to free speech, which Ironically most of you wannabees don't want. But when it comes to "free" goods and services, the countries that offer the most of them, like Venezuela with gas at a penny a gallon, end up like Venezuela where no gas, no food, and no medical care is available at all.

Venezuela is how "progressive" socialism inevitably ends.

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Mike "Mish" Shedlock