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For details, see Erdogan Accuses Germany of Nazi Practices Over Canceled Appearances: When Will the Migration Agreement Blow Up?

Today, Turkey’s Erdogan Calls Dutch `Fascists’ After Minister Grounded.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the Dutch were “fascists” after the government of the Netherlands blocked his foreign minister from attending a political rally in the country out of fear of public disorder.
In response, Turkey closed off access to the Dutch diplomatic posts in Ankara and Istanbul, citing security reasons.
“These are cowards, remnants of Nazis, these are fascists,” Erdogan said Saturday at a televised rally in Istanbul. “Let’s see how your planes will come to Turkey. I mean here diplomatic planes, not the travel of normal citizens.”
The Turkish foreign ministry said in a statement that it asked the Dutch ambassador to Ankara not to return to Turkey “for a while.”

When Will Migration Agreement Blow Up?

It’s a given, at least in my book, that Turkey has no future in the EU. But Merkel cannot come out and say that until after the German election on September 24.

I suspect Erdogan may unleash another wave of migrants this summer unless Germany gives into his demands. Summer is the perfect time to disrupt the German election.

Those posts show exactly who Merkel got into bed with.  She cannot admit mistake her now. And given her blatant stubbornness in general, I do not know if she will ever admit a mistake.

Meanwhile, Erdogan is growing increasingly agitated.

My July 16, 2016 question is still unanswered: Dear chancellor Merkel: When does Turkey join the EU? When do 80 million Turks have visa-free travel?

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Erdogan Accuses Germany of Nazi Practices Over Canceled Appearances

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