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Let’s dissect the stupidity and hypocrisy of the #DeleteUber movement because there is plenty of it going around.

MarketWatch explains: Consumers lash out at Uber and turn to Lyft after Uber’s immigration response.

Uber Technologies Inc. was in critics’ crosshairs while Lyft Inc. was winning support after the companies’ very different responses to President Donald Trump’s immigration order.
The backlash came as New York taxi drivers went on strike Saturday and joined a protest at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport against Trump’s order blocking entry to the U.S. by immigrants from select largely Muslim countries, while a tweet from Uber indicated the company had suspended surge pricing, causing some to view the company as seeking to undermine the strike.
Lyft largely stayed out of Saturday’s confrontation but sent an email to users Sunday saying that the company would be donating $1 million over the next four years to the American Civil Liberties Union.
The New York Taxi Workers Alliance, with a membership of 19,000 people, had called on all drivers, including those with Uber and Lyft, not to pick up passengers from JFK and to instead join the protest. The group said its membership is largely Muslim and made up of immigrants, and that it was “in defense of the oppressed,” as well as its own drivers, that it was speaking out against the ban.

Uber’s Action

In response to huge numbers of people trapped at the airport unable to leave, Uber issued this tweet.

Uber refused to implement surge pricing. For that, one misguided fool who cannot think replied.

Stop and think about this for a second. If Uber’s intent was to break the strike, it would have allowed higher prices thereby encouraging more driver to travel farther to pick up riders.

In fact, that is precisely what Uber should have done. Nonetheless, Hunter Failson @Bro_Pair continued with mindless rants.

Hollywood Chimes In

Where’s there’s liberal stupidity, one can expect Hollywood to join in. This was no exception.

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Please consider Celebrities #DeleteUber following company’s response to immigration ban protests.

Uber’s competitors got a lift from celebrities protesting the car service over the company’s response to President Donald Trump’s immigration ban.
A #DeleteUber hashtag popped up on social media this weekend, and stars like Janelle Monáe, Taraji P. Henson, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and George Takei joined in. “Canceling Uber like…bye” Monáe wrote on Instagram. Hellboy star Ron Perlman said “so long” to Uber, while Henson had some choice words for the company.



Just imagine @TherealTaraji, or any number of other actors, actresses, or singers had been at JFK needing to get to a performance.

Would they have been so supportive of a strike that left them stranded? Of course most of them would have had a private limo, not a taxi, but how would they have acted if the limo decided to honor the strike and they missed a performance?

Small Price Theory Again

Here we go again with yet another “small price to pay example”.

Disrupting thousands of innocent travelers is apparently a “small price to pay”, as long as it is not the liberal elite paying the price.

That’s the blatant hypocrisy of it all.


Once again, I do not approve of Trump’s no-notice ban. And Trump has been forced to back away from it.

But Uber did nothing wrong. Nor did the stranded passengers at JFK.

Previously Uber has been accused of price gouging. This time it went out of its way to not price gouge, and it attracted the ire of another set of complete fools.

Uber will eventually put taxi drivers out of work. It will be a welcome moment because prices will decline.

Small Price Theory

  1. Judge Blocks Deportation; Green Card Ban Reversed; Protests Gather: Small Price Theory
  2. “Small Price to Pay”
  3. Liberals, Not Trump, to Blame for Backlash

I have taken Uber several times and received fast, excellent service several times. Blaming Uber for not price gouging is beyond ridiculous.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

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