President Trump is guaranteed to be unhappy with this announcement: Ford Now Plans to Move Production of Electric SUVs From Michigan to Mexico.

The SUV to be built in Mexico starting in 2020 will go 300 miles on a single charge and is the centerpiece of a planned $4.5 billion overhaul of Ford’s lineup to add 13 electric or hybrid models. Ford has been viewed by Wall Street as playing catch-up to rivals such as Tesla Inc. and General Motors Co., which already sells the battery-powered Chevy Bolt and plans to introduce robot taxis in 2019.

Moving production of the as-yet-unnamed electric SUV to Mexico will allow the carmaker to boost production of self-driving vehicles at its factory in Flat Rock, Michigan, according to its plans revealed late Wednesday.

Self-Driving Test 2018

In related news, Ford to Test New Self-Driving Vehicle Technology in 2018.


The automaker said on Thursday that it would test self-driving prototypes in various pilot programs with partners such as Lyft, the ride services company in which rival General Motors Co. owns a minority stake, and Domino’s Pizza Inc. However, Ford has still not decided whether to operate its own on-demand transportation service.

Ford vs GM

Last week I noted GM to Have Robotaxi Service by 2019.

Competition in the self-driving space is heating up.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Ford Announces “Go Further” Program, Moves Small Car Production to Mexico

In a move bound to help the Trump campaign, Ford’s CEO Mark Fields said Ford is ‘reinventing’ itself by Shifting U.S. Small-Car Production to Mexico.

Autonomous Bus Testing On Swiss Public Roads

Switzerland is testing self-driving electric buses on public roads in the historical district of Sion, the largest city of the Canton of Valais.

Ford Promises All Electric "Mach 1" SUV in 2020, 40 Vehicles by 2022

Ford says it will spend $11 billion producing electric vehicles by 2022. One dubbed the "Mach 1" will be ready in 2020.

Google, Chrysler Team Up on Minivans; GM, Lyft Test Self-Driving Electric Taxis

It appears my allegedly optimistic path for self-driving vehicles on the roads by 2020 may not have been optimistic enough.

Can the Electric Grid Handle Self-Driving Electric Trucks?

In response to some of my recent posts on self-driving and electric vehicles, several readers asked if the electric grid could handle the increase.

Ford to Create New Brand of Electric Cars in China, GM Sells $5,000 Electric Car

China accounts for forty percent of global electric cars sales. Ford wants to crack that market with Fully Electric Vehicles Sold Under a New Brand, made in China of course.

Full Sized Autonomous Bus Test in Singapore

Full-size bus testing is underway. Some readers tell me this could not happen for decades. My calendar says its 2019.

Ford Targets 2021 for Mass-Market Self-Driving Car: 2021 a Near Certainty

According to Ford’s just announced plans, my 2022-2024 target for mass deployment of self-driving vehicles in the US is right on target if not overly pessimistic.

Make China Great Again: Ford Bypasses NAFTA Dispute By Moving Focus Production to China

Trump has it out for Mexico, and Germany, and China. So what’s a company to do? Ford provides the answer.