Dalio discusses interest rates with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene and David Gura on Bloomberg TV. In the interview, Dalio says the only time one should hold cash is in terrible economic conditions.

There you have it - cash is trash. Nothing can possibly go wrong buying stocks or even Bitcoin at these PEs and prices.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock


Taunts From Bulls Come In: "Stupid to Hold Cash"

Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio says investors in cash are going to feel pretty stupid.

Chinese Banks Quarantine Cash, Japan and France have Coronavirus Deaths

This is a coronavirus update for February 15, 2020.

ECB Will Continue Asset Purchases "Until the End of Sept or Beyond"

The ECB left interest rates unchanged but will leave asset purchases intact through September or longer.

The Kind of Action You See at the Top

I'm not calling a top. I did that long ago, incorrectly. Rather I watch in awe of all the money unleashed by central banks blowing bigger and bigger debt bubbles. Every loan adds more money sloshing around. Curiously, that money can never find a home.

Bitcoin Plunges Below $5,000 as a Battle Over Bitcoin Cash Erupts

A Bitcoin Cash battle has engulfed the entire crypto sector. Ethereum project developer, William Entriken, explains.

Australia "Cash Back" Government Scheme Fails to Inspire Consumer Confidence

Australia gave "cash back" in July to those making up to $126,000. The move failed to inspire consumer confidence.

It's Likely You Can Refinance Your Mortgage At a Lower Rate

Mortgage rates are approaching record lows. Investigate refinancing.

Expect a Volatile Future: Short-Volatility Funds Flooded With Cash

Stock market volatility is a uni-directional measure. Volatility only rises when stocks decline. Curiously, the futures markets often work in reverse. When precious metals soar, the price of options on futures often rises instead of collapsing.

$300 Billion Cash Repatriated in Q1, GS Expects Eventual $1Trillion in Buybacks

In response to the Trump tax cuts, corporations are repatriating record levels of cash.