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According to Census Data nearly half of small businesses don’t have enough cash to go more than a month. 

Axios provided the lead cartogram.

Michigan is the worst-hit state. Florida, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania, are also are among the states where small businesses report being hit hardest.


Michigan 2020-05-17


Pennsylvania 2020-05-17


Florida 2020-05-17


Ohio 2020-05-17
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I believe Biden will carry Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Two of 3 would tip the election easily.

Yes, I know it's early, things can change, the 2016 polls were wrong (but not by as much as most believe), etc. etc. etc. etc. and etc.

Those Who Hate Trump and Biden Will Decide the Election

The swing voters, not the alleged Bernie Sanders sitouts will decide the election as noted in Those Who Hate Trump and Biden Will Decide the Election.

“It’s not 2016 anymore, OK?” said Christopher Nicholas, a longtime Republican consultant based in Pennsylvania. “There’s no way Joe Biden will be as bad a candidate as Hillary Clinton.”

Importantly, “People like that choose the devil they don’t know,” added Nicholas.

Extremely Narrow Path

The path for Trump is an extremely narrow one

It is unlikely, not impossible for Trump to repeat. By unlikely I mean something like 6-4, not 9-1.

Lots of things can happen, but that goes both ways. What appears to be comfortable Biden win can easily turn into a blowout.