The OECD reports Tax Revenues Rise.

The 2018 edition of the OECD’s annual Revenue Statistics publication shows that the OECD average tax-to-GDP ratio rose slightly in 2017, to 34.2%, compared to 34.0% in 2016. The OECD average is now higher than at any previous point, including its earlier peaks of 33.8% in 2000 and 33.6% in 2007.

France Overtakes Denmark

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The tax collection blue ribbon now goes to France. Congratulations!

Vs the OECD average of 34.2%, French taxes amount to 46.2% of GDP. Denmark, Sweden, Italy, and Greece round out the top five.

In addition to the blue ribbon, what else does France get?


Amusingly, it was a promise delivered: Macron Promised a Revolution, He Got One, Against Himself

In response, I offer this bit of political advice: Politicians Beware: It's Best Not to Deliver What You Actually Promise.

How Did This All Start?

Good question.


Macron raised diesel taxes to pay for the global warming reduction effort that he campaigned for.

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Where Are We Now?

That's another good question.

In response to the riots, please note: France Suspends Diesel Tax Hike.

Musical Tribute

I am certain readers would like a fitting musical tribute to these events. I posted this before but who can resist another Beatles tribute?

Comment of the Day

You say you want a revolution. Well, you know. We all want to change the world.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

As US Seeks to Lower Taxes, France Seeks to Hike Top Corporate Tax Rate to Whopping 45%

At a time when the US hopes to slash corporate taxes, France is raising them. The measure was deemed necessary when a dividend tax introduced by Francois Hollande was ruled unconstitutional. To support a hike in the corporate tax, the government appeals to "civic sense" of duty.

France Suspends Diesel Tax Hike

Emmanuel Macron Blinked. Gee, who coulda thought.

Tax Bill Adds $1 Trillion to Deficit (Without Cutting Taxes for Most)

Nonpartisan analysis, from several places, shows the Senate tax bill will all $1 trillion to the deficit. What's next?

#NeverWarren Trends to Top Spot After Her Enormous Debate Fiasco

Elizabeth Warren made a fool out of herself after the debates Tuesday eve. She refused to shake Bernie Sanders' hand.

US will Overtake Russia to Become Top Oil Producer by 2023

The International Energy Association (IEA) says the US will overtake Russia and become the leading oil producer by 2023.

Proper Revenge: How Should Trump Respond to France?

Trump is hopping mad at France over a digital service tax. How should he respond?

Tax Reform or Tax Perversion?

The Senate Republican tax bill is now so bastardized one cannot properly call it "reform." I propose starting all over.

France Should Take a Lesson From Ronald Reagan: Fire the Strikers

A massive strike is underway in France where disruptions are a way of life.

Trump Threatens Retaliation on Proposed EU Carbon Taxes

Carbon taxes are a top priority on EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. Expect a big conflict with Trump.