In the wake of massive protests and denials that policy would change, the French Government Will Suspend Fuel Tax Hike following riots.

Edouard Philippe, prime minister, will announce a moratorium on the increase in the fuel tax scheduled for January 1, in an attempt to ease the “yellow vests” protest, government sources told AFP.

Such a move would mark the first time in Emmanuel Macron’s 18-month presidency that he has backed down on measures in the face of street protests, and comes as he faces record low approval ratings.

Promise Delivered


Fancy that. Macron backed down off a pledge to save the world from global warming.

Wasn't that what his constituents asked for?

Yes, but only on the proviso they did not have to pay for it.

As noted previously: Politicians Beware: It's Best Not to Deliver What You Actually Promise.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Politicians Beware: It's Best Not to Deliver What You Actually Promise.

French president Emmanuel Macron delivered on his main campaign promises. Please consider what happened next.