Never before have so many politicians promised to spend so much. Among some candidates, the 2020 presidential campaign has turned into a contest to see who can offer the most “free stuff.”

John Stossel, the official arbiter of the much coveted "Free Stuff Blue Ribbon" has Kamala Harris currently in the lead.

So far, Harris is the only candidate topping the $4 trillion mark.

But it's a close race and the numbers are guaranteed to go up. Bernie Sanders is in second place at $3.976 trillion. Elizabeth Warren is a close third at $3.806 trillion.

"Sleepy" Joe Biden is not even in the race. He only seeks an additional $297 billion, not much more than Trump at $267 billion.

The top three, Harris, Sanders, and Warren are duking it out.

Las Vegas odds makers have Sanders and Warren at 4-1 with Harris at 5-1 despite Harris' front runner status. The over-under line is currently $5.3 trillion.

I confess. I made that last paragraph up.

Bookies, are you out there?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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