A Change.Org petition proposes Sell Montana to Canada for $1 Trillion to Eliminate the National Debt.

It seems the person who wrote the petition is totally clueless about the national debt. It's about $22 trillion and it will grow about $1 trillion a year because we have $1 trillion deficits as far as the eye can see.

Alternatively, the petition sponsor recognized that and simply wanted to make the idea as absurd as possible.

Either way, the petition is a slap at Canada and Montana because it states "We have too much debt and Montana is useless. Just tell them it has beavers or something."

Great Falls Tribune Response

The Great Falls Tribune Response is more far amusing than the petition itself.


We in Montana Have Questions

  • Does Canada have an extra trillion?
  • Would Montana still be named Montana or would we be Southern Alberta? Better Saskatchewan?
  • Does the universal healthcare start right away or is there a waiting period?
  • Can we take Yellowstone National Park with us?
  • Why not Alaska? It's not even touching the other states!
  • Canadian football, really?
  • July 1 vs. July 4 for a national holiday, sure whatever. But Thanksgiving in October?!
  • Is $10,626 an acre fair? Like some of those acres have skyscrapers. Ok, one of those acres does. And 1 million of those acres are Glacier National Park.
  • Does the "eh?" thing happen naturally or would we have to practice?
  • Who negotiates the trade agreement with Idaho to keep us in potatoes for our poutine?

That was just a subset of the questions. I picked the ones funniest to me.

This was my favorite:

Do we build a wall against North Dakota?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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