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Massaged Data With Dire Consequences

Georgia governor used Manipulated Data to reopen the state. The result was a Covid surge.

For six weeks, Georgia had been a model, especially for those eager to end shutdowns. Among the last U.S. states to lock down, Georgia in April was first to widely reopen, after just three weeks. Critics said the state misrepresented its data to justify the move, and they predicted disaster.

But the same week Kemp ordered the reopening, his administration began presenting data in a way that made the state appear healthier than it was, said Thomas Tsai, a professor at Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health. 

The technique involved backdating new cases to the time of first symptoms or taking a test, instead of reporting them as they were reported to the state, like Georgia had previously done -- and like most states do. 

“It is deeply concerning,” Tsai said. “I cannot of course speak to the motivation.”

Kemp Gambled With People's Lives and Lost

Timing would technically be better if done at the outset. But changing the method midstream serves one purpose.

But cases rose in late June and early july in a way that manipulations could no longer hide the facts.

The Governor gambled with people's lives that things would improve and they didn't.

Atlanta Mayor Battles the Governor

Kemp's gamble is still ongoing. 

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms mandated masks. Governor Kemp said no.

Politico notes Georgia Governor Sues to Stop Atlanta Mask Mandate.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp sued Thursday to stop Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms from mandating masks be worn in the city to prevent the spread of coronavirus.  The legal actions comes after prominent Democratic mayors in the state pledged to challenge an executive order by Kemp barring local mask mandates. Bottoms defiantly declared, “I am not afraid of the city being sued.”

On Wednesday, Kemp banned localities from ordering people to wear masks in public to stop the spread of coronavirus. Mayors across the state hit back at Kemp and accused him of playing politics during a pandemic.

One Business Owner Replied

Bottoms Replies

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What About Florida?

Also note that Florida hospitals face ICU bed shortage as state passes 300,000 COVID-19 cases.

Reverse of Wisconsin

Events in Georgia are the reverse of Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, cities challenged the governor who mandated lockdowns. The Wisconsin State Supreme court ruled decisions were best made at the local level.

So which is it? 

More importantly, is it a right of people to infect others or a right to enter a store and be reasonably safe from being infected by others.

Do we let everyone decide for themselves?

Political Comment

I do not know who will win the battle between Governor Kemp and Mayor Bottoms. 

But I am positive this feud is neither good for the country nor Trump's chances. 

Kemp, following Trump's lead, could easily cost Trump the state of Georgia.

Trump has badly mishandled Covid and so did the Southern states. For further discussion please see Trump is on the Short End of the Enthusiasm Gap