SPD Seeks Ability to Act

Please note the SPD calls for the introduction of an Independent EU Army subordinate to the European Commission.

"Our aim is to improve the EU's ability to act, regardless of the tiresome questions of sovereignty," Fritz Felgentreu, defence policy spokesman for the SPD told the newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

Why? To Do What?

Eurointelligence had some choice comments in its take Muddled Thinking on EU Defence.

This is one of those ideas where you don't know where to begin dismantling it. Our first thought was this: are they trying to do to defence what they did to the eurozone? Create a dysfunctional system in the vague hope that future generations will fix it, except that this time we are using live ammo and killing people? Have they considered what might happen if the European Commission charged into battle and lost? The British are still traumatised by the Charge of the Light Brigade in the Crimean War. An army is not an inter-institutional working group that meets on Tuesdays.

The paper also reveals a shocking lack of understanding of the EU's security priorities in the early 21st century. The biggest threats to our security right now do not stem from invasion by a foreign power, or our refusal to participate in a war in the Middle East or Africa. Our list of priorities would include the following: defence against cyber threats from Russia and China; a restoration of the Iran nuclear deal; the co-ordination of the fight against terrorism; the push against empire-building in our neighbourhood; and a defence of EU companies and individuals targeted by the US for secondary economic sanctions. It is rather difficult to think of an EU security interest for which you would need a European army.


The moment you have an army, some nutcase politician is sure to want to deploy it, and not for defense either. 

Look at the endless wars the US has been in for decades. We blew trillions of dollars in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

We arm unstable regimes in the Pakistan and the Mideast and have repeatedly threatened to blow up Iran.

The US is not any safer for any of it. 

Now the SPD wants the EU to go down the same path, taxing the citizens when there are far more pressing needs.

The EU does not need and cannot afford an independant army.