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Germany Halts Nord Stream 2, US Weighs Sanctions on Russia

Russian troops entered the Donbas region of Eastern Ukraine. Here's an update of the situation.
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Territory controlled by separatists. Image from Wall Street Journal.

Territory controlled by separatists. Image from Wall Street Journal.

Russian troops poured into Eastern Ukraine after Russia recognized the independence of two regions of Donbas.   

In response, Germany Halted the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline and president Biden weighs sanctions.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged calm as Russian troops poured into the eastern Donbas region and Western nations announced measures to punish Moscow for recognizing two Russian-controlled statelets there as independent.

Germany said it halted moves to open the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that would allow Russia to bypass Ukraine in exporting natural gas to Europe. The European Union proposed a ban on purchases of Russian bonds, sanctions on all members of the Russian parliament who voted in favor of supporting recognition of the two breakaway regions, and an asset freeze for three Russian banks with links to the two statelets.

In a statement Tuesday, the EU’s two top officials said this package of measures could be added to if Russia takes further steps against Ukraine.

In a TV address to Ukrainians, Mr. Zelensky said the Russian move simply legalized the eight-year Russian occupation of the area and showed that Moscow wasn’t interested in peace. He added later Tuesday that he is considering severing diplomatic relations with Russia in response.

One Mild Surprise

The only surprising thing is German suspension of Nord Stream 2. Let's see how long that lasts.

I suggest not very. 

Germany gets about a third of its energy from Russia and already sky high prices will jump further.

Simmering for Eight Years 

This has been simmering for eight years. A comment by Ben Hunt is an accurate reflection.

"My unpopular opinion: the West lost Ukraine 8 years ago. My really unpopular opinion: Ukraine is a strategic liability for the West under any circumstances."

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Those are comments from someone thinking clearly.

All Theater?

Repeating my proposed solution ...

One Way to Settle This

How about an honest vote?

If the people living in Donetsk and Luhansk do not want to be part of Ukraine, then why should they be part of Ukraine?

In Brexit, the UK essentially seceded from the EU.

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