Sentiment is not a timing mechanism, but gold bearishness is mounting in a market that has gone sideways for years. Vanguard couldn't take it any more.

This may not be "the bell" but it is a bell. Despite the recent declines, many miners are up tremendously off the lows.



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Hey, let's throw in the towel and buy something that trending. Maybe we should short gold. Facebook sure looked attractive last week.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Speculators Throw in the Towel on Gold

Long Liquidation: Large specs reduced long gold bets and increased short gold bets. Small specs increased longs & shorts

Buy and HODL Forever, Legendary Short Seller Throws in the Towel

Buy and HODL Forever, Legendary Short Seller Throws in the Towel

Manufacturing Alarm Bells Ring on Unexpected Weakness

Durable good orders were down an unexpected 1.1%. Core capital goods revisions make matters much worse.

Jan Retail Sales up a Weak 0.2%: Consumers Throw in the Towel on Autos, -2.4%

The first quarter isn't off to a huge start. Retail sales rose a mere 0.2% following a sizable negative revision in Dec.

Peeking Inside an Actual Bitcoin Mine: Care to Buy a Mining Operation?

What's a bitcoin mine look like? Let's take a look inside a Washington State mine.

Excellent SRSrocco Report on Free Cash Flow Evaluation of Gold Mining Companies

Cash flow at miners is down and operating costs up. 2018 has not been a great year. What's going on?

First Major Company to Support Bitcoin Payments Throws in the Towel

Bitcoin is too slow and costs too much to use in transactions. Why bother?

Mining Suckers: Coinmine "Holy Shit" Scheme

Coinmine offers a $799 mining box. Let's investigate coinmine for obvious flaws.

Bernie Sanders Throws in the Towel: Victory is Impossible

Bernie Sanders finally did what I expected a couple weeks ago: Admit the setup was impossible and drop out.