The Hill reports Google Chrome Browser to Start Blocking Ads in February.

In June, Google revealed its plans to have the browser start blocking certain types of ads, like autoplay videos. On Tuesday, the company said that starting Feb. 15, the browser would block all ads on sites that repeatedly show autoplay videos and full-page or pop-up ads.

The standards were proposed by the Coalition for Better Ads, an industry group that includes technology and media companies. If Google finds that a site is failing to meet the coalition’s advertising standards for more than 30 days, Chrome will remove all ads from that site.

Bloomberg Among the Worst

Google is not targeting Bloomberg per se. Rather, Google is targeting autoplay videos, a practice in which Bloomberg is among the worst offenders.

There are others. And if you happen to have many windows open at once, as I do, you can have three or more audio videos running at once.

Why autoplay videos? Those ads pay the most.

I cannot stand the practice. Nor can I stand popups, scroll-overs that take up most of the screen, and other offensive practices.

I figure if I don't like the practices, I should not do them myself, so I don't. Over the years, this has cost me a lot of ad revenue.

Better Ads

Here's Google's Update on Better Ads.

Google's announcement stems from the Coalition for Better Ads report on Least Preferred Ad Experiences for Desktop and Mobile Web.


How Will Bloomberg, Others Respond?

No doubt with paywalls. In fact, it's started already. Will it backfire?

I think so. Most will not pay for garbage, and they will lose out on clicks they would otherwise get.

Who Will Benefit?

The beneficiaries will be sites without paywalls that provide excellent content for free.

I moved my site to The Maven.Net because I believe we will get this correct. I say "we" because I am owner (albeit a very tiny one).

I still have layout issues and changes that I need, but they are being addressed. If you asked for changes, bear with me. I am working on it.

For me, it's both a long-term proposition and a best business practice proposition.

I am proud to have not succumbed to the routine short-term sleaze that is going to eventually sink many websites and news outlets. I routinely ask my readers to tell me if they see an offensive ad, and I will have it removed.

Layout and commenting changes are in the works.

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