The Telegraph reports Labour Power Grab Wipes £500m Off Firms.

The threat of a Labour government wiped more than £500m off SSE and National Grid on Wednesday as party plans to seize UK energy networks emerged.

Sector shares slipped as The Telegraph revealed Jeremy Corbyn wants to renationalise the £62bn network, compensating shareholders with government bonds below market rate.

SSE shares closed at a five-month low, sinking as much as 3.2pc as the City baulked at the plans. National Grid, which presents full-year results tomorrow, sank more than 2pc before halving its losses.

Labour’s official Bringing Energy Home proposal claims public ownership would spark a “Green Industrial Revolution”.

The Confederation of British Industry called the plans “hanging a ‘closed’ sign above the UK”. “The country needs policies focused on powering economic growth in the future, not revisiting mistakes,” said policy director Matthew Fell.

Support for Labour’s nationalisation agenda has slumped in recent weeks, says a ComRes poll for Water UK

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Plan Details

For details of Corbyn's absurd plan, please see Jeremy Corbyn draws up plans to seize control of UK's energy with sweeping nationalisation of networks

A leaked Labour party document has revealed plans for a swift and sweeping renationalisation of the country’s £62bn energy networks at a price decided by Parliament. The blueprint, seen by the Telegraph, lays bare for the first time Mr Corbyn’s plan to bring all energy network companies under public ownership “immediately” following a Labour election win.

Those in Labour’s sights include the FTSE 100 energy giant National Grid, which is worth over £29bn, and the transmission arms of Big Six energy companies SSE and Scottish Power. The nationalisation agenda will also include all 19 of the UK’s smaller regional gas and power grids and the massive subsea power cables linking the UK to Europe.

The agencies will be tasked with sourcing low carbon or renewable sources for 60pc of all energy use by 2030. They will also oversee the rollout of electric vehicle charging networks and new energy storage projects across the country.

A spokesman for National Grid warned that the state-ownership plans “would only serve to delay” the huge investments needed to help the UK take a lead in the green economy.


The Price?

The Government gets to set the price paid for the takeover.

Labour Self Destruction

The Labour party is already split in several pieces over Brexit.

This move will raise more than a few eyebrows.

Corbyn in Praise of Venezuela

Recall that Corbyn is a supporter and fan of Venezuela and Hugo Chavez.

Here's an even better video, just not one that I can embed: Corbyn Calls Hugo Chavez ‘An Absolute Legend in Every Way’

Green Revolution Nonsense

I am pleased as punch with the monstrous stupidity of this proposal.


Because Corbyn just handed Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party (which I support) a second major issue on a on a silver platter.

The Brexit Party is already in first place in the polls as noted in Brexit Party Surge: Tories Drop to 5th Place in European Parliament Polls

Labour and the Tory party are both in self-destruct mode.

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