Here are a few Tweets that express the sentiment change. The first Tweet is the most important one.

Bye Bye Boomers

Like it or not, boomers are not going to be in control forever. In fact, we will soon be gone.

We will be replaced by generations that see things radically different about race, religion, abortion, housing, cars, the ownership society, and about guns.


My Opinion

Those fighting gun control are on thepolitical losing endof the debate.

I can easily argue the gun-control debate from either side. But It's pointless.

I am telling you "What Is". More gun controls are coming.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock.

Gun Sentiment Shift in Pictures

Some people doubt there is a shift in gun sentiment, so let's display the clear shift for comment.

Perverse Logic of Rent Control

Everywhere rent control has been tried, it's been a failure. Nonetheless, Illinois politicians want their turn.

How Did the Coronavirus Impact Homebuyer Sentiment?

A survey by Point 2 Point Homes indicates a huge change in homebuyer sentiment.

Shit Happens When School Administrators and the FBI Don't Act on Tips

Without getting into the heated gun debate which will change nobody's opinion, the Florida shooting was preventable.

Trump Asks China to Shift Soybean Tariffs to Something Else

As part of a trade deal, the US and China will both keep $50 billion in tariffs. Trump asked China to shift tariffs.

Art of the Deal: Trump Administration Praises “Paradigm-Shifting" Model

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer thinks we have a “Paradigm-Shifting" model. The notion is laughable.

Consumer Sentiment Lowest Since 2012, Consumer Confidence Highest Since 2000

The University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index took a plunge today. The Conference Board's measure is at highs.

Gold Manipulation Smoking Gun?

Numerous people have asked me to comment on the Zero Hedge article Exclusive Smoking Gun: The Fed On Gold Manipulation.

Ford Shifts Electric Production to Mexico, Start Autonomous Tests Here

Ford will shift some electric SUV vehicle production to Mexico and start self-driving tests in the US in 2018.